Pryce’s Birthday

We had a few neighbors and family over to celebrate Pryce’s “Where the Wild Things Are” Birthday {Sweets Table} My L.A.M.P McKenna drew this “Where the Wild Things Are” Picture for Pryce Smiling at Daddy Pryce LOVES cake!! VENDORS “Wild One” Balloons: Studio Pep (, Handpainted “Where the wild things are” Frames: Katie’s Kreative (, Cake: Mi Yummies (, Our “Wild Thing” shirts: Create with Jessy (, “1” Crown: Little Love Lane (, Highchair “One” Banner: Seacliffe Cottage Designs (, “Happy Birthday” Banner: Ichabods Imagination... Pryce’s Birthday

Pryce is {1}!!

It is hard every time your oldest or youngest reach milestones.  When Pryce turned “1” I was literally sad as this was my last first birthday for one of our children. That being said, we had a happy day with lots of tickles and laughs as well as cake!!  I cannot believe how fast this last year flew by.  I am so grateful we have a healthy family and Pryce’s first year was great.  Here are some moments from his Birthday. shirt from: ICaughtTheSun (Etsy) onesie from: Blueberries For Call (Etsy) PRESENTS!! CUPCAKE SMASH 2.5.16 CHAMP!! one more cupcake from his sisters 2.6.16 Vendors “ill Eat you up I Love you so” long-sleeved shirt: ICaughtTheSun (, “I AM One” Onesie: Blueberries For Call (, Orange Pants: Zara, “1” Crown: Little Love Lane (, Highchair “One” Banner: Seacliffe Cottage Designs ( Pryce is {1}!!

Pryce Kenneth…1 wk young

Pryce was born on February 6th, and has been nothing but sweet since he was put in my arms.  That moment truly is love at first sight!!  These images were taken in his room at about 1 week old. Fox hat made by MerrieKnit... Pryce Kenneth…1 wk young

Pryce Pryce Baby {a birth story}

This is the birth story of my 4th and last child documented perfectly by Becky Grzelak of Photography by Becky Grzelak (edited by me). I went into the hospital at about noon on Thursday Feb 5th with what I thought was a light trickle of broken water.  It turned out not to be amniotic fluid so I had a few options… 1) go home or 2) walk for an hour or so.  I decided to take a walk as I was having minor contractions, I was 39wks5days and was already 2-3 cms.  So after an hour of doing laps around the delivery wing in my stylish gown (and awesome frog slippers) I got re-checked and was given the same options with one additional choice….3) get admitted and start pitocin.  I chose the third option as we already had childcare for the 3 girls (special thanks to my awesome neighbors – The Robinsons!!)  and Dave had worked wrapped up for the day.  I was admitted at 5:00pm and luckily because contractions had become more regular.  Pitocin started at about 6:30 pm and contractions had picked up to every 2-2 1/2 mins. 6 hours and about 2-3 pushes later I felt the little armpits of my first son put into my hands as I pulled him onto my chest. That moment is purely love at first sight.  Nothing else mattered…he was here and he was healthy.  He didn’t cry at all and it actually concerned me.  Finally he got his cry out and it was short.  He was very calm the majority of the time we were in the hospital.  I... Pryce Pryce Baby {a birth story}

Pryce’s Nursery

After having 3 girls and more pink items than one could imagine, I wanted to make our son’s room fit for a boy but I didn’t want the traditional blue tones.  I finally decided about a month ago I wanted to combine “woodland creatures” with “where the wild things are” and keep the colors warm and fresh. I also think foxes are really cute so it was easy to put it all together!! Vendors: Quilt-MimiMade4, Log Pouf-Eggtoeggi, Feather Mobile-ShopVintageSparkle, Bedding (crib & daybed)/Rug/TeePee/Campfire/Hamper/Owl light-Land of Nod Outlet, Vinyl Birch Trees-Birdyfish, PRINTS: “I’ll Eat You up”-HarperAndZoe, “Wild Thing” on Newspaper-TheLiteraryNursery, “Infinite LOVE”/”arrows”/”sparkle bears”-LlamaCreations, “Pryce-King of all the Wild Things Print”-Febystan, Yellow Antler Print-thekismetprintpress.  Framed quotes and wooden board “They made him king of all the wild things”-handmade by Nessa.  Fox Blanket – DwellDarling, Stuffed Animals Aurora and Jellycat... Pryce’s Nursery

Our Surprise trip to Disney!!

We have kept this a secret from the girls for months!!  I was soooo excited to surprise them the day we planned to leave for Disney! Limo ride to the airport!! Our house had it’s own pool.  This was such a great thing to have!! Getting ready to head into the Magic Kingdom MonoRail We are here!! Tea Cups!! Roller coaster with Ade Dumbo ride with McKenna Splash Mountain Happy Girl Close-Up Libby was cleaning stools while we waited for dinner The Castle lit up Its starting to freeze Elsa froze the Castle waiting for bippity boppity boutique We only really had one reservation and tried to get both girls in so we had to wait a little extra for two chairs Libby got her face painted like Minnie Mouse And the hair begins for McKenna Double time for Ade….Nails and hair! Sister Princess Makeovers Make-up! Princess Ade Make-up for McKenna Ade is so excited for McKenna to see A Princess Sash Princess McKenna Day 2 at the Kingdom…..Taking the Ferry over.  For some reason McKenna is cranky. Christmas at the Kingdom! Mouse Ears! My mice! Our Family Bird Watching Libby got to meet Chip & Dale while her sisters were on a ride.  She loved them as you can see Pretty cool Pretzels Thunder Mountain with Dad, Ade & McKenna Cooling off The best parade!! This dragon and the “crow-like” people with it scared Libby…Luckily big sis Ade was there for her.   It was such a great trip and I hope the girls remember the fun and magic that it was!  It was a little stressful having the... Our Surprise trip to Disney!!

the REVEAL to the girls

I thought of this gender reveal idea in an ice cream shop over 2 years ago and have been waiting to implement it. SO happy that we are completing our family in Feb 2015!! Making their guesses on what we are having……   McKenna, Adelynn & Liberty’s guess on what we are having (Dave and & I guessed girl too) Who’s going to take a bite? Mom/Pink Ice Cream=Girl ORDad/Blue Ice Cream = Boy IT’S A BOY!! The girls are pretty excited!! Ade was the only correct guesser in the family  Ice Cream time!! What should we name... the REVEAL to the girls